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Users of OS Windows computer doesn’t turn off 10/7/8, after windows upgrading to Win10 and shutdown mode does not work correctly in Windows computer does not shut down 10 to the end or will not turn on computer or laptop, it doesn’t matter. Here is the updated Microsoft July 29, 2015 year has released an update for Windows 10.
Microsoft’s hotline is: users call and complain. Somebody’s computer after the updates stopped off, someone stopped to be included. Some morning discharged battery and the laptop will not turn on because the laptop works all night and drains the battery.
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But in fact the problem all total!
Computer shuts down (turns off the monitor, it seems the computer is turned off).
PC will not start up (and all why-because it is not turned off).
Win 10 does not run as Win 7/8/8.5.
Shuts down Windows laptop 10/7/8/8.5 HP after you Windows upgrading to 10/7/8/8.5 (because due to the shutdown of village battery).
Laptop and stationary PC does not come out of hibernation (ditto).
A simple solution to this problem
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Reinstall or update the driver for the video card.
Try shutting down your computer or divert into hibernation cheap windows key sale through the Start button.
Even if there is no update video driver, you will need to reinstall. Example NVIDIA Panel (similar to and Radeon).
BIOS update in some cases also solves the problem of turning off the computer.
Extreme-clean reinstall, update to version 10, updating all the drivers from the manufacturer (don’t forget to restart the computer!). Install any service packs. Check your computer to shut down. Then install the anti-virus. What antivirus best bet, read here.

Network and sharing Center: disable streaming media (have not tried it myself, if it works, post comments).
You can also try to disable all USB devices. Do like windows get Android 7.0 Nougat update upgrading the screenshot: Device Manager, USB controllers, right click on the root USB hub “power management” tab, untick “allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”.
Comment by our readers:
I helped with the USB. But here a little wrong written, can be get windows product keys free many Manager root hubs, and wonder which of them will be difficult. The easiest way to go to control panel-power options-configure power scheme-change advanced power settings, USB settings options to temporarily disable the USB port is from the battery and from the mains supply is disconnected. Then it will apply to all the USB ports.
Another problem with shutdown on Windows 10/7/8/8.1
Go to settings-power-system settings, click the “change settings that are currently unavailable” and untick “enable quick launch. Experiment and share the results.

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