Thanks ten years to (2005-2016), tens of thousands of of Microsoft fans are on Microsoft company work room of follow and love, for all reasons, Microsoft company work room has found on December 31, 2008 official dissolved, this work room members already left Microsoft company company, so this works and Microsoft company computer technology limited has nothing to do, is “original work room” members free organization making, is entertainment of for, network various of Windows 7 version and “original work room” has nothing to do, windows 10 مفتاح المنتج, Has nothing to do with Microsoft company, the advantages and disadvantages of the system at your own screening!


We left Microsoft for nearly four years, and many Microsoft fans alike have been quietly concerned the development of Microsoft, in the seven-year anniversary of approaching, members of the original Studio back together, crafted the machine plate, shared with all the Microsoft fan, bless Microsoft more brilliant tomorrow!

How to Ghost a Hard Drive of Windows 7 Easily and Safely?

This work is copyright-free, non-commercial purposes, no pirate printing, selling all illegal use, pure Exchange works, please delete within 24 hours to complete a download, windows 7 activation key, consciously to purchase genuine software! Otherwise, all at your own risk!

Microsoft Ghost cloning system package, with safe and stable and so on. This system can be a key to unattended installation, automatic identification hardware and install drivers, online time is greatly reduced.

This system uses the MSDN release of Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 64-bit ultimate version master can be verified by Microsoft and can be updated online, please feel free to use.

Integrated SATA/RAID/SCSI the latest drivers, and supports a variety of hardware, recovery speed is better than in the past! Power to judge more accurately, support to restore the system to a variety of desktops, laptops, workstations, and servers. Intelligent, automatic unload unnecessary device drivers.

System features:

* System security patch updates to March 2016, windows 7 professional activation key, through genuine authentication, supports online upgrade!
* To adopt new technology, machine 5-8 minutes deployment installation is complete.
* Moderate to streamline parts and reduce power on the PF usage.
* Integrated sky SKYIAR 2.7.1, supports a variety of the latest computer Setup
+ Driving freedom skies e-drive 6.2 version, the lack of driver feedback
* Updated Win7-PE system supports a large number of boards, join the WinPM partitioning tool
* Integrating Microsoft. NET Framework v4.5.2 official 64-bit Edition
* The ultimate optimization system, reducing the useless process, ensure that the system runs faster.
* Updated and adjusted the system optimization plan nearly 20, the system will be more stable, faster Internet speed
* Reservation system services, direct support to local shares, wireless networks, printers and so on.
* Cracking the Tcpip connection limit, limit break System topic, and integrate Microsoft JAVA virtual machine.
* Integrated latest version DirectX runtime, VB, and VC + + 2005 SP1, 2008, 2010, 2012 and other run-time library files.
+ Desktop folder fastset WIN7 activation tool. EXE proposal system installed the profile path is set to d
* Digital signature authentication and automatically driven identification used by Microsoft installed, make sure that the system runs more stable.

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