For some strange reason, Microsoft did not include the ability to create or download the ISO image Windows 8.1 for a clean installation, users upgrading from Windows 8.1 product key cheap. If you want to have the image in case of reinstallation of the system and you purchased Windows 8 separately from your computer, you can download it by following this instruction.

Attention! We are not sure of the full legality of this method do everything at your own risk and discretion. All the links in the article are to official Microsoft sites, information about configuring installer work was published earlier by the company itself in the TechNet library. This way of downloading an image works only for Windows 8, purchased in retail, rather than with your computer! First, you must download the Windows 8.1 from Microsoft, for this will have to follow a few simple steps:


How to Install Windows 8.1 Preview using the iso images (Clean Install)?

  • 1. Open the Windows Update page if there is only a windows product key sale
  • 2. Click on “install Windows 8 buttons” and “install Windows 8.1 download online installers of both versions of the operating system.
  • 3. Run the installer of Windows 8 (Windows8-Setup.exe), previously purchased legally enter product key, proceed to download files needed for installation, and then close the program (after downloading 1-2% for example).
  • 4. Run the Windows Installer 8.1 (WindowsSetupBox.exe), the program will download the files but will already own distro. And enter key Windows 8.1, which you have not, will not be required. If an error occurs stating that the download could not be completed, you must close the program and restart it.
  • 5. upon completion of the download data will only create an ISO image, Windows 10 product key buy, clicking on the last step of the installer create media for installing → ISO file.

Windows 7 Pro Professional Product Key Code Global

Windows 7 Pro Professional Product Key Code Global

The resulting image can be used to clean install a system, but you first have to enter a product key Windows 8.1, which as mentioned above, Windows users have no 8. 6. To avoid entering the key you want to add to the distribution a special text file called ei.cfg and following content: [EditionID] Professional (Core, if you bought the Basic Edition of Windows 8) [Channel] Retail [VL] 0 file should be placed in the folder sources distribution, it is easier to do this with a USB drive, the installer, but you can add directly in the ISO image. After installation, you can easily activate system to your key for Windows 8, this opportunity the company provided.

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