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How do I find the product key of Windows and MS Office (overview)

How do I find the product key of Windows and MS Office (overview)

Loss of product key (CD Key/activation code/serial number) is always an unpleasant problem. In such cases, you typically need to communicate with developers or even spend money on buying a new version of the program. Oh, and the most common variant is worn “key” on the license label (what the author experienced). What do you do if you don’t want to pay, and the activation code is needed right now, because the application does not function properly and you want to reinstall it? Fortunately, there are a whole class of free tools for restore “serials”, the most famous of which is the Windows Product Key Finder Pro and Keyfinder, as below.


So, let’s say you “lost” key from honestly purchased Windows or Office suite Microsoft Office. In order to learn and maintain at least a txt-file, requires one important condition: “catch” to uninstall (delete) non-working or windows 10 product key free formatting the hard drive, because all keys are stored in encrypted form in the registry and will be permanently lost. So after reading the article, do not hesitate to check the office 2016 key buy software labels and, in the case of damage, restore and save the required information, such as on a USB flash drive.

This utility is simple and clear, even without much knowledge of the English language. After installation, open the program window you will see the decrypted activation codes for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 and, if available, MS Office XP/2003/2007/2010/2013. Look for paper and pen, not necessarily through buttons “Save” and “Print” keys instantly copied to a text file or printed.

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Perhaps the most advanced features of the free search engines is key Keyfinder from developers from sunny Cyprus. Recommend to download from the link below for the registry secure portable office 2016 professional plus key version of the program that when opened will show in the right half of the window all the hidden “serijniki”. As well as help recover registration data (user name, product ID) and export information in TXT/CSV file format or on paper (see top panel “File”). By the way, the number of supported products in addition to Windows and Microsoft Office lines-more than 300!

Download Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder (distribution + portable version) here.

Note: in packages of Windows and Office product key is a sequence of 25 characters type XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX. You can activate only the Editor (version), cheap office 2016 key sale which is listed on the license label, i.e. with the key Windows 7 Home, you cannot activate Windows 7 Professional. In addition:
Retail-the key activates the Retail copy of Microsoft Office 2016 product key application on any, but only one computer. Retail-key as you can get to accurately label the system unit or a laptop.
OEM key is used to activate an OEM copy on the same PC on which it was first activated. OEM sticker (Certificate of Authenticity) is already glued to the chassis manufacturer (screenshot above).
Actually, this all, I am sure that with copies and labels you too safely sorted out.

How to use Bing image search in Office 2013 and 2016

Microsoft made it much easier to add images to your documents starting with Office 2013, by integrating Bing image search directly into the suite. office pro 2016 product key That was a nice addition, but recently Microsoft’s Bing and Office teams got together to improve the overall Bing image search experience inside Office.

When you search for images with Office programs on the desktop you can now add filters for size, type, and color, as well as easily find out other information about the photo.

Microsoft’s image insertion works with Excel, OneNote, Outlook, and Publisher in Office 2013 and 2016. In our example, we’ll use a OneNote page and search for tree house images to get ideas for an upcoming project.

Online images
To start searching for tree houses, open OneNote and go to Insert > Online Pictures. A window pops up with all the various locations we can search for images such as OneDrive,microsoft office 2016 product key Facebook, Flickr, and Bing.

Enter “tree house” into the search box for Bing Image Search and press Enter on your keyboard. By default, Bing searches only for images with Creative Commons licenses. That’s an important filter when giving a public presentation or creating corporate documents but doesn’t really matter for a personal notebook.

Click the drop down menu in the search bar that says CC Only and choose All images. We can also filter image searches by size and color, which are pretty straightforward options.

The Type filter, however, is one to pay closer attention to. cheap office 2016 product keyHere we can filter our image search to show only photographs, clipart, line drawings, transparent images, or animated GIFs.

None of those options suit our purposes here, but if you’re doing a corny newsletter in Word the clipart option could be helpful. Likewise, animated GIFs may come in handy to add a little comedy to your next PowerPoint presentation.

Once you find an image you’d like to insert into your document, hover over it to see which site it comes from, and click through to the site if you office pro plus 2016 product key Otherwise, select Insert and the image is automatically dropped into your document. Depending on the program you’re using, you may see further options for enhancing your image with effects frames and shadows. None of that exists in OneNote, so in this instance we’re done.

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