You don’t receive the Windows-10-key to face when you perform a Windows-10 upgrade for Windows 7 or Windows 8. We show you to read as you still try 10 can the key of Windows. Everything you need to do this, is the Windows product key Viewer program.

Windows-10-keys are product key. You are also referred to as serial numbers and are necessary to install Windows again. With the keys, it is confirmed that it is a legally purchased copy of Windows 10 and not a pirated copy. If you have forgotten your Windows key or moved, you can read off him so.

Windows 10 Pro - 32/64 Bit ( Product Key + Download )

Read Windows-10-key with Windows product key Viewer

To read the Windows-10-key, windows 10 product key generator, you download the Windows product key Viewer program. But no need to install it, it’s a portable version:

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  • 1. Unpacked the ZIP file and opens the tool with a double click on pkeyuibx.exe.
  • 2. A small Windows and a browser window opens. The latter is not needed and can be closed again.
  • 3. The program shows under the tab product key the detected Windows 10-license key on.
  • 4. About clicking on the small icon to the right of the key you copied it to the Clipboard.
  • 5. Optional show you the exact version of Windows under system information.

Alternatively, you can try out also the tool the ultimate PID checker that also displays Windows product keys.

Windows 10: Read product key is useless windows 10 product key not working

The Windows product key Viewer tool shows you while a key on Windows 10’s, this is only a generic product key, you will not need for a reinstallation of Windows 10. He can cause under certain circumstances even that no longer activate Windows 10 cheap windows 10 keys, if you type in during 10-setup Windows. This is due to the way, activated how remembers already enabled Windows-10 systems Microsoft and this automatically again during a new installation. Here read more: solution: Windows 10 can not activate or update.

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