Major updates:

* Update system patches and Office 2013 all patches to 2016-03-20 (available from the Microsoft vulnerability scanning and guardian vulnerability scan)
* Updated DirectX to 2016-03-20, the game encourages better performance
* Updated Adobe Flash Player ActiveX to the latest
* Updated hard drive installation, increased hard disk installed system compatibility
DiskGenius * update partition in DOS and PE tools for version 3.5
* Increase the number of drives supported
* Other details of optimization and correction
* windows 7 professional activation key free download 64 bit

Main features:

Pure systems more secure, more stable, more human characteristics. Integrates the most popular installed software, integrates the most comprehensive hardware drivers, select system maintenance tool, coupled with pure and unique user-friendly design. Computer, personal, fast machine of choice! With this system, you can also easily be installed Pro!

★ Safe

Setup disk using Windows 7 SP1 X32 * source official from activated version, buy windows 7 product key, integrated systems patches to 2016-03-20 (available from the Microsoft vulnerability scanning)
* Office suite uses a streamlined version of Office 2013
* The installation process will automatically delete AUTORUN viruses from all partitions may exist, remove the gray pigeon and drive virus.
* No new user accounts, leaving only the Administrator and password is blank. (User installed system please password)
* Shut down all partitions of the hard disk default share (like C$, D$, E$ … …), the system is more secure.

More stable ★

* SATA,SCSI,RAID controller contains most of the drivers, support for 32-bit processors, support for dual-core processors.
* Integrates with hundreds of kinds of hardware drivers, after the author carefully tested almost all the drives can be automatically identified and installed.
* Original new model of system restore solve some SATA optical drive and the computer does not install properly with hidden partition system problems.
* Supports IDE SATA USB drive installation, windows 7 professional activation key free, solves the GHOST system in some SATA or hidden partition cannot be restored properly with a computer problem.
* Setup process runs independently developed the driver selection tool, this tool intelligently determine all computer hardware models, avoids driver conflicts and blue screen to maximize the phenomenon.

★ More human

* Integrated maintenance tools, machine not only convenient, easier to maintain.
* Preset a variety of beautiful themes, wallpapers and a fine collection IE practical favorite.
* Type of intelligent computers, desktop open the keypad lights, laptop turn off the keypad lights.
* Instant hard drives into four/five, cheap windows 7 pro product key, let everyone know the partition, the partition is no longer the hard (for a new hard drive).
* My documents, Favorites, are located in the d. This is done to avoid next time you reinstall the system loss of the user’s personal files.

★ Enhancements

* Optimize registry, improving system performance.
* Disable few services and improve operational efficiency.
* Cracking the connection number is 1024 and significantly speed up the download speed.
* Cracking the Uxtheme themes limits directly using a third-party theme.
* Integrated DX latest version MSJAVA virtual machine, windows 7 pro product key, VBVC commonly used runtime.

Windows 7 Pro Professional Product Key Code Global

File information:

File: Windows 7 X86.iso
MD5: 6D1A90AA823FCF127AB792FB35FC604E
SHA1: 21C12CB0C48E8FBB146C7EC5663DED69237D64F2
CRC32: C2920992

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