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How to download ISO image Windows 8.1 for a clean installation?

How to download ISO image Windows 8.1 for a clean installation?

For some strange reason, Microsoft did not include the ability to create or download the ISO image Windows 8.1 for a clean installation, users upgrading from Windows 8.1 product key cheap If you want to have the image in case of reinstallation of the system and you purchased Windows 8 separately from your computer, you can download it by following this instruction.

Attention! We are not sure of the full legality of this method do everything at your own risk and discretion. All the links in the article are to official Microsoft sites, information about configuring installer work was published earlier by the company itself in the TechNet library. This way of downloading an image works only for Windows 8, purchased in retail, rather than with your computer! First, you must download the Windows 8.1 from Microsoft, for this will have to follow a few simple steps:


1. Open the Windows Update page if there is only a windows product key sale

2. Click on “install Windows 8 buttons” and “install Windows 8.1 download online installers of both versions of the operating system. 3.

get free windows 8.1 key

Run the installer of Windows 8 (Windows8-Setup.exe), previously purchased legally enter product key, proceed to download files needed for installation, and then close the program (after downloading 1-2% for example).

4. Run the Windows Installer 8.1 (WindowsSetupBox.exe), the program will download the files but will already own distro. And enter key Windows 8.1, which you have not, will not be required. If an error occurs stating that the download could not be completed, you must close the program and restart it.
5. upon completion of the download data Windows 10 product key buy will only create an ISO image, clicking on the last step of the installer create media for installing → ISO file.

The resulting image can be used to clean install a system, but you first have to enter a product key Windows 8.1, which as mentioned above, Windows users have no 8. 6. To avoid entering the key you want to add to the distribution a special text file called ei.cfg and following content: [EditionID] Professional (Core, if you bought the Basic Edition of Windows 8) [Channel] Retail [VL] 0 file should be placed in the folder sources distribution, it is easier to do this with a USB drive, the installer, but you can add directly in the ISO image. After installation, you can easily activate system to your key for Windows 8, this opportunity the company provided.

How do I find the product key of Windows and MS Office (overview)

How do I find the product key of Windows and MS Office (overview)

Loss of product key (CD Key/activation code/serial number) is always an unpleasant problem. In such cases, you typically need to communicate with developers or even spend money on buying a new version of the program. Oh, and the most common variant is worn “key” on the license label (what the author experienced). What do you do if you don’t want to pay, and the activation code is needed right now, because the application does not function properly and you want to reinstall it? Fortunately, there are a whole class of free tools for restore “serials”, the most famous of which is the Windows Product Key Finder Pro and Keyfinder, as below.


So, let’s say you “lost” key from honestly purchased Windows or Office suite Microsoft Office. In order to learn and maintain at least a txt-file, requires one important condition: “catch” to uninstall (delete) non-working or windows 10 product key free formatting the hard drive, because all keys are stored in encrypted form in the registry and will be permanently lost. So after reading the article, do not hesitate to check the office 2016 key buy software labels and, in the case of damage, restore and save the required information, such as on a USB flash drive.

This utility is simple and clear, even without much knowledge of the English language. After installation, open the program window you will see the decrypted activation codes for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 and, if available, MS Office XP/2003/2007/2010/2013. Look for paper and pen, not necessarily through buttons “Save” and “Print” keys instantly copied to a text file or printed.

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Perhaps the most advanced features of the free search engines is key Keyfinder from developers from sunny Cyprus. Recommend to download from the link below for the registry secure portable office 2016 professional plus key version of the program that when opened will show in the right half of the window all the hidden “serijniki”. As well as help recover registration data (user name, product ID) and export information in TXT/CSV file format or on paper (see top panel “File”). By the way, the number of supported products in addition to Windows and Microsoft Office lines-more than 300!

Download Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder (distribution + portable version) here.

Note: in packages of Windows and Office product key is a sequence of 25 characters type XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX. You can activate only the Editor (version), cheap office 2016 key sale which is listed on the license label, i.e. with the key Windows 7 Home, you cannot activate Windows 7 Professional. In addition:
Retail-the key activates the Retail copy of Microsoft Office 2016 product key application on any, but only one computer. Retail-key as you can get to accurately label the system unit or a laptop.
OEM key is used to activate an OEM copy on the same PC on which it was first activated. OEM sticker (Certificate of Authenticity) is already glued to the chassis manufacturer (screenshot above).
Actually, this all, I am sure that with copies and labels you too safely sorted out.

Considerations for your Windows 7 to Windows 10 migration

Mainstream support for Windows 7 is over, and although extended support is available until 2020, it’s time to begin thinking about a Windows 10 migration. The key to a successful upgrade is thorough planning and performing some test upgrades to make sure that your plan will work as intended.

Windows 10 Home 32bit / 64bit 1 License Product Key

Organizations currently running Windows 7 may be inclined to dismiss the idea of migrating to Windows 10, citing the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy, but Windows 10 is more than just an operating system upgrade. Microsoft says it’s the last desktop operating system, windows 10 home product keyand that it will be the standard platform for desktop PCs going forward. Still, there are a number of considerations that shops must take into account prior to starting a Windows 7 to Windows 10 migration.

Windows 10 migration considerations

The first thing IT shops must look at when upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 is the licensing cost. Windows 10 is available as a free upgrade from Windows 7, windows 10 home product keybut there are some important caveats. For example,windows 10 pro key cheap the free upgrade offer is only valid until a year from the Windows 10 release date, and some OSes aren’t eligible. For example, Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 8/8.1 Enterprise and Windows RT/RT 8.1 don’t make the cut.

Furthermore, the edition of Windows 7 that you’re upgrading from controls the edition of Windows 10 that you receive. Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home Basic and Windows 7 Home Premium all upgrade to Windows 10 Home Edition; Windows 7 Professional upgrades to Windows 10 Professional; and Windows 7 Ultimate upgrades to Windows 10 Ultimate. Editions of Windows 7 that are not listed are not eligible for a free upgrade.

Shops must also make sure their patches are up to date before moving to Windows 10. As long as your organization applies the patches that Microsoft makes available, your Windows 10 migration shouldn’t cause you too much trouble. Your desktops must run Windows 7 Service Pack 1, window 10 pro product keyand they need to have the Get Windows 10 app, which is installed through Windows Update. But the Get Windows 10 app is only necessary if you plan to use Windows Update to make the transition from Windows 7 to Windows 10. If you are instead planning to use an image file to deploy Windows 10, then the Get Windows 10 app is obviously not required.

Another thing to consider is desktop hardware. Any time you perform a desktop operating system upgrade, there is a possibility that you’ll have to upgrade some hardware,purchase windows 7 professional key too. In most cases, a desktop that can comfortably run Windows 7 is probably also going to be able to run Windows 10 without any problems. Even so, it is important to perform a desktop hardware inventory and compare it against the official hardware requirements for Windows 10. Those requirements include:

A 1 GHz or faster processor
1 GB of RAM for the 32-bit version or 2 GB of RAM for the 64-bit version
16 GB or storage for the 32-bit version or 20 GB of storage for the 32-bit version
A graphics card with DirectX 9 or later with a WDDM 1.0 driver
Display resolution of 1024 x 600 or higher
Keep in mind that these are the minimum requirements. To provide users with a good experience, desktops will likely require more storage, more RAM, windows 10 activation keys a higher display resolution and possibly a faster CPU. There are also extra hardware requirements for using some features. For example, Windows Hello requires a special camera. Similarly, Cortana voice commands will not work without a microphone.

Don’t make these application mistakes

Perhaps the most important step in preparing for a Windows 10 migration involves compiling an application inventory and then verifying that those applications work correctly with Windows 10. window 10 pro key There are two especially common mistakes that are often made during this process.

The first involves neglecting to verify that the application will survive the upgrade process. It’s one thing for an application to be compatible with Windows 10, but it’s quite another for the application to run on Windows 7 and then suddenly be on Windows 10 windows 7 pro product key . Most of the applications that work with Windows 7 seem to be able to handle the upgrade to Windows 10, but there are exceptions.

The other common mistake that often occurs when shops evaluate applications is neglecting to test infrastructure applications. For example, if desktops run an older antivirus application, that antivirus software may not work with Windows 10.

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Windows 10 authentication options leave passwords behind

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Key - Retail Box

Passwords have long ruled the authentication world, but they’re not infallible. Microsoft added authentication options in Windows 10, including more Windows Hello and effective PINs.

Passwords have been the primary tool for controlling access to information systems for longer than many IT professionals have had their jobs. Even so, this tried-and-true security measure isn’t perfect.

Good, secure passwords are long, difficult to remember,windows 10 pro product key tedious to type — especially on touch screen keyboards — and should change frequently. Malware, shoulder surfing and other hacking techniques compromise passwords on a regular basis.

One of Microsoft’s priorities with Windows 10 authentication was to make it possible to secure devices without passwords. Users can still have Windows 10 passwords, but they also have other access methods at their disposal.

Welcome Windows Hello

Windows Hello could best be summed up as biometric windows 10 pro key In fact, Windows Hello uses three different forms of biometric authentication — fingerprint, face or iris — to grant Windows 10 access.

Obviously fingerprint authentication requires a fingerprint reader, but users need special hardware for other authentication types too. For example, facial recognition requires a particular type of camera similar to the camera on the Xbox Kinect. Intel created a RealSense 3D camera that works with Windows Hello-based authentication. Iris-based authentication also requires special hardware that is not available yet. As of this writing,windows 10 home activation key fingerprint authentication is the most practical way to use Windows Hello because the Surface Pro 4, the Surface Book and numerous third-party PCs are equipped with built-in fingerprint readers.

The Windows Hello enrollment process associates the user’s biometric features, such as a fingerprint, with his or her digital identity — user account. The enrollment process captures the user’s defining characteristics rather than capturing an image. In the case of facial recognition, Windows does not capture a picture of the user’s face. Instead it collects numerical data that Microsoft says is similar to a graph.

The data the Windows Hello enrollment process captures is device-specific, so it remains secure because it never leaves the device. product key windows 10 But users who work with multiple devices must complete a separate enrollment for each device. windows 10 key cheap Users may also have to periodically re-enroll as a result of biometric changes such as shaving a beard or getting glasses.

PINs can be more secure than passwords

Windows 10 authentication can also come in the form of a PIN instead of a password. A PIN must be at least four digits long.

A PIN might seem far less secure than a complex, alphanumeric password, but Microsoft took measures to make PINs more secure. First, PINs are guarded against brute-force attacks. If a user enters a PIN incorrectly four times in a row, he is required to respond to a challenge question.

PIN codes also live on the device. Like biometric authentication data, the PIN is never transmitted, which reduces the chances of the PIN being compromised.

Picture this

Microsoft introduced picture passwords in Windows 8, and they are also an option for Windows 10 authentication. The operating system prompts users who opt to use picture passwords to draw on one of the pictures saved on their devices and confirm the drawing. Picture passwords require three gestures. Users can use any combination of lines, circles and taps. For instance, a user who chooses to use a picture of a car might draw circles around the tires and then tap the door handle. The picture password feature works with either a mouse or a touch screen, windows 10 activation keybut picture password users commonly report the authentication process is far more reliable and less stressful with a touch screen.

One problem with picture passwords is that some people use their touch screens for authentication, but they use a traditional keyboard and mouse for everything else. In these situations, fingerprints on the screen may clearly reveal the key to unlocking the PC using a picture password. Fortunately, picture passwords require users to repeat gestures in a specific order and they must draw lines and circles in the same direction each time.

Although passwords are still viable in the new OS, Microsoft provides a number of Windows 10 password alternatives. window 10 pro product key Users and admins can access the alternatives by opening the Windows 10 Start menu and clicking Settings, followed by Accounts and Sign In Options.

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Still running Windows 8? Time to upgrade, or else

Microsoft’s support lifecycle for every Windows version is a generous 10 years from the date it was launched. That means even those still clinging to Windows Vista can count on more than a year of security updates, until April 11, 2017, and anyone running Windows 7 can do so with confidence until January 14, 2020.

So Windows 8, which was released in October of 2012, should be supported until well into the next decade, right?

Windows 8 Standard


Thanks to a quirk in the support lifecycle, buy windows 8 product key Windows 8 users are about to be cut off from security updates. When the first Patch Tuesday of 2016 rolls around on January 12, it will represent the last batch of updates for Windows 8.

If you’re still running Windows 8, it’s time to update to Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 or risk exposing your PC to unpatched security risks.

The reason for this odd state of affairs is that Microsoft is treating Windows 8.1 as a service pack to Windows 8. The rules allow you to hold off on installing that service pack,cheap windows 8 product key but only for two years. Here’s the formal policy, which I’ve stitched together from two separate documents:

Unlike service packs that are typically just a collection of fixes, Windows 8.1 has new features and enhancements. We designed Windows 8.1 to give customers an ability to deploy this update in a manner that is similar to how customers deploy service packs, therefore we are applying the existing service pack support policy to Windows 8.1.

[For] Windows 8, support ends 24 months after the next service pack releases or at the end of the product’s support lifecycle, whichever comes 8 product key If you are using software without the latest service pack you won’t be offered any new security or non-security updates, although preexisting updates will continue to be offered.

And that time is now up.

The good news is that upgrading to Windows 8.1 pushes the deadline out significantly. Windows 8.1 reaches the end of its Extended Support phase on January 10, 2023, and there won’t be any additional service packs to complicate that deadline.

Upgrading to Windows 10 extends the lifecycle even further, to October 14, 2025.

Windows 8 might seem like a historical footnote at this point. However, as of the end of December 2015, three analytics sources I track calculated the percentage of PCs running Windows 8 (not including 8.1) at between 2 and 3 percent of the total installed base of desktop and laptop PCs and 7 home premium product key That small percentage of a very large number (about 1.5 billion by most estimates) still adds up to between 30 and 40 million PCs.

The upgrade from Windows 8 to 8.1 is unlike any other Windows upgrade; it requires a trip to the Windows Store rather than the normal Windows Update route. The update is free for almost all. The one exception: Any enterprise with a Windows 8 Volume License that doesn’t include Software Assurance has to pay extra.

I suspect that most of the devices still running Windows 8 are consumer PCs, purchased by technically unsophisticated users who’ve never been to the Windows Store and ignored any prompts they might have seen to upgrade. Starting next week, windows 8 pro product key they’re living very dangerously indeed.

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How to use Bing image search in Office 2013 and 2016

Microsoft made it much easier to add images to your documents starting with Office 2013, by integrating Bing image search directly into the suite. office pro 2016 product key That was a nice addition, but recently Microsoft’s Bing and Office teams got together to improve the overall Bing image search experience inside Office.

When you search for images with Office programs on the desktop you can now add filters for size, type, and color, as well as easily find out other information about the photo.

Microsoft’s image insertion works with Excel, OneNote, Outlook, and Publisher in Office 2013 and 2016. In our example, we’ll use a OneNote page and search for tree house images to get ideas for an upcoming project.

Online images
To start searching for tree houses, open OneNote and go to Insert > Online Pictures. A window pops up with all the various locations we can search for images such as OneDrive,microsoft office 2016 product key Facebook, Flickr, and Bing.

Enter “tree house” into the search box for Bing Image Search and press Enter on your keyboard. By default, Bing searches only for images with Creative Commons licenses. That’s an important filter when giving a public presentation or creating corporate documents but doesn’t really matter for a personal notebook.

Click the drop down menu in the search bar that says CC Only and choose All images. We can also filter image searches by size and color, which are pretty straightforward options.

The Type filter, however, is one to pay closer attention to. cheap office 2016 product keyHere we can filter our image search to show only photographs, clipart, line drawings, transparent images, or animated GIFs.

None of those options suit our purposes here, but if you’re doing a corny newsletter in Word the clipart option could be helpful. Likewise, animated GIFs may come in handy to add a little comedy to your next PowerPoint presentation.

Once you find an image you’d like to insert into your document, hover over it to see which site it comes from, and click through to the site if you office pro plus 2016 product key Otherwise, select Insert and the image is automatically dropped into your document. Depending on the program you’re using, you may see further options for enhancing your image with effects frames and shadows. None of that exists in OneNote, so in this instance we’re done.

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SHAREit for PC Download Windows 7/8/8.1 & Mac Free

So you want to get SHAREit for PC Download which is also available for Android and iPhone devices but using it on Computer like Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 or even Mac gives amazing experience because their is no need to use USB cables and unwanted long wires to transfer files from PC to Phone, windows professional 7 key that’s the beauty of SHAREit, this app does everything with ease and saving tons of your valuable time.

There is a reason why you should download SHAREit for PC and use it over your Windows 7/8/XP or Mac computer or laptop. The reason is very specific and I am sure you are going to agree with me.

Most of our useful files which we love or need to share with other people or our friends, lies on our computer or laptop, right? But, there is no good app available for computer platform which can ensure file sharing at highest possible speed other than SHAREit.

But, not anymore. If your system is having Bluetooth or NFC connectivity somehow, purchase windows 7 professional key then you can begin using SHAREit application and avail its facilities and features right on your personal computer.

You are no longer going to need to transfer the file first to your Android or iOS device and then share, as you will be able to do that thing right from your PC.
Download SHAREit for PC Free – Windows 7/8/XP :

Friends in-order to use SHAREit on PC please follow the below given steps correctly so that you will surely get what you want.

1.Begin with downloading the Lenovo’s SHAREit PC software’s installer package.

2.After you downloaded it 100%, begin installing it. Double click on the file you just downloaded, and go through on screen instructions after clicking on Run option.

3.Start SHAREit once its installed and you will see a simple UI like given below.

4.As you can see two options here : SEND and RECEIVE, now click on “Connect Android device”

5.Now open SHAREit App on Android and click on “CONNECT PC” as shown below

6.Here you can see all the available PC network, just select your PC as shown below.

7.Now SHAREit app will establish connection between Computer and Android, now you can easily transfer any file from PC to Android & Android to PC with the help of SHAREit for PC program.

Let me know if you meet any issues and also the experience you have with this method and application.

So folks this is it for transfering files from mobile to PC easily.

Let me tell you that though SHAREit program is available for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 it is still not available for Mac OS X so in order to use it we need to use unofficial method which is still in beta stage.
SHAREit for MAC Download Guide :

The process is simple but with slight differences. These instructions are for MacBook and Mac systems and all you need to do is to go through them, one by one, as mentioned.

Download the Andy app player installer package on your system first. This is the website you need to refer to get the installer package. It will be in DMG format.
After the file is downloaded 100%, your job is to double click on it and make its installation process running. Go through on screen instructions and when asked, drag and drop the Andy app into the Applications folder.
After that, follow the on screen instructions, i.e.Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 Product Key – 1 PC selecting the agreement and clicking on Next buttons. Very soon, you will reach the Finish mark and that will end the process.
Now, start the Andy program into your MAC and then connect it with Google Account (just keep on following the on-screen instruction)
Now go to Google Play Store and search for “SHAREit App”
Click on Download and Install and start using it.
Here you need to use it as if you are connecting two Android Devices (Note that your MAC also behaves as Android Phone because of Andy)

Now its time to know some of the most amazing features of this great app which is developed by Lenovo.

Features of SHAREit App for PC :

First of all let me make it all clear that SHAREit is not the only application available of its kind, buy microsoft windows 7 product key their are many available in industry like Xender, Software Data Cable, etc but still this app is far ahead then those below of the following reasons.

1) No External Internet Data Plan Required

It simply means that this app’s technology works on Smartphone’s internet Wi-Fi which is 100% free and it doesn’t consumes that much battery.

2) Super Fast Data Transfer

You will be surprised to know that SHAREit for PC or Android transfers files or data like Videos, Music, Images, etc at amazingly fast speed (upto 100Mbps)

3) Share files between different platform

You must be aware that transferring files from Android and iPhone is real headache but with this amazing app the task is super easy and fast.

4) Transfer almost anything

You can transfer any type of data like including images, documents, windows 7 professional sp1 64 bit product keypdf file, videos, music files, etc without any issue.

5) CLONEit – Copy Settings made easy

As the name indicates here you can copy all the settings from one phone to other (old to new), like Contacts, Contact logs, SMS and other important settings very easily.

6) Remote View

After you Connect this app with SHAREit PC you can easily see and transfer all the folders and files in your computer system directly from your mobile phone, isn’t that cool?

7) Easy Backup Photos

With the help of SHAREit app you can easily backup all the photos without any issue and keep it at safer place so that if images gets lost in any accident then you can recover it instantly

Conclusion on SHAREit for PC :

There is no pricing involved in this guide. The only moment when this method will ask for the money is while you are using it.

But, I am sure you will be offered the free alternative which is both safe and sound. I have personally tested this process, app on PC and have been using since couple of weeks.

So, you can trust on me, or if not, then find it out on your 7 home premium activation key I will do my best to get through the process without any issues.

I hope that you enjoyed this amazing and working guide to download SHAREit for PC App available on Windows 7, Windows 8 as well as MAC and please keep on visiting this amazing website in future again.

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Forgot Windows 7 Password Have No Reset Disk – How to Get in?

“What can I do to get into my Windows 7 computer if I have forgotten Windows 7 password and no password reset disk has been created in advance.” This is a usual voice filled with worry and anxiety, windows 7 pro product key while actually things have not gone so badly. So now we will introduce some ways that can help you access to Windows 7 successfully.
Four Options for resetting forgotten windows 7 password without disk:

1. Access to Windows 7 with Admin Account
2. Recover Windows 7 Forgotten Password with Windows Install CD
3. Get in Windows 7 with Ophcrack
4. Easiest-to-Use Software: iSunshare Windows Password Genius

One: Access to Windows 7 with Admin Account

If you have just forgotten some standard users’ password,cheap windows 7 product key and at the same time you still have an account with admin privilege, you can login Windows 7 with it and then change or remove other users’ password on Control Panel.

1-1 Click Start and open Control Panel.

1-2 Select User Accounts and Family Safety > User Accounts.

1-3 Press Add or remove user account under User Accounts. You will see all enabled accounts listed.

1-4 Choose the account you would like to change password

1-5 Click Change the password or Remove the password.

1-6 Input new password for the account to change forgotten password or click Remove password button to let selected user password be blank.

Related Tips: Windows 7 admin password reset
Two: Recover Windows 7 Forgotten Password with Windows Installation CD

Preparation: a Windows installation CD or DVD. Or any Windows 7, windows 7 product key purchase Vista or XP CD or DVD.

Step 1: Boot from Installation CD.
As soon as you turn on PC, press DEL or F2 to enter BIOS setting screen in Windows 7. Move CD-ROM option to the first place of boot disk. Save and restart your PC, it will boot from CD instantly.

Step 2: Select Repair Windows and Get into Command Prompt.
When your computer boots from the CD, you should click repair your computer option, then choose Command Prompt from various options.

Step 3: Recover Windows 7 Password with Commands.
3-1 Type: copy c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe c:\f
3-2 Type: copy /y c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe
3-3 Exit installation CD, and reboot your PC.

Step 4: Reset Windows 7 Password.
While Windows login screen appears, press the Shift key 5 times to bring up the command line interface. Now type command net user .

For example, net user isunshare 12345. windows 7 home premium product keyThat means the password of account isunshare is set to 12345.

Password reset work has finished so far. But sethc.exe has been covered. Now use the command c:\sethc.exe file back to c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe to restore the original sethc.exe file.
Three: Get in Windows 7 with Ophcrack

The Ophcrack Windows password cracker is by far the best free Windows Password Genius software. It’s fast and easy enough for a computer newbie just with a basic knowledge of 7 product keys If you don’t want to burn Ophcrack to a CD, Ophcrack Vista free live cd will be more convenient to be used. Be able to recover forgotten Windows password without getting into Windows.

>> Download Ophcrack Vista free live cd.
Ophcrack Vista free live cd only applies to Windows password combined with less than 5 numbers. If you want to recover longer password with characters, you have to choose more advanced Password Genius tool.

>> Boot your computer from Ophcrack live cd.
Insert Ophcrack live cd into your computer; Restart computer and Click DEL or F2 or other keys Windows system setup into BIOS setting option. Select CD-ROM as the first boot disk. And then save the changes and restart your computer again.

>> Recover Windows 7 password.
You will see Ophcrack runs and find Windows 7 password automatically for you. Then the password will be found and in a list. But if your password contains any characters,purchase windows 7 product key the Windows 7 password would not be found. Now you can get into Windows 7 with found password.
Four: Reset Windows 7 Password Easily with iSunshare Password Tool

If you cannot login with another administrator account to reset windows 7 password and have no reset disk, don’t be disappointed. You still have chance to get into your computer without losing any data and reinstalling system. windows 7 professional sp1 64 bit product key This method shows you how to use password software to create a third party password reset disk which can help you reset lost password for windows 7 on any computer.

1. Download and install Windows 7 Password Genius on another accessible computer.

2. Create a password reset disk through USB device or CD/DVD.
Insert writable USB device or CD/DVD-ROM to accessible computer and click Begin burning, wait few minutes until burning successfully.

3. Set the locked computer boot from USB device or CD/DVD.

How to Set Computer Boot from USB Device
How to Set Computer Boot from CD/DVD-ROM

4. Boot the locked computer from USB device or CD/DVD.

5. Reset Windows 7 password or create new account for Windows 7. You can choose a user account, and click Reset Password to remove password for selected account. Or,windows 7 home premium product key you can click Add User to add a new user account to your windows 7 system.

6. Restart computer after password recovery successfully, and login Windows 7 without password.


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Why you can’t find your product key after upgrading to Windows 10

You don’t receive the Windows-10-key to face when you perform a Windows-10 upgrade for Windows 7 or Windows 8. We show you to read as you still try 10 can the key of Windows. Everything you need to do this, is the Windows product key Viewer program.

Windows-10-keys are product key. You are also referred to as serial numbers and are necessary to install Windows again. With the keys, it is confirmed that it is a legally purchased copy of Windows-10 windows 10 activation key home and not a pirated copy. If you have forgotten your Windows key or moved, you can read off him so.

Windows 10 Pro - 32/64 Bit ( Product Key + Download )

Read Windows-10-key with Windows product key Viewer

To read the Windows-10-key, windows 10 product key generator, you download the Windows product key Viewer program. But no need to install it, it’s a portable version:

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1.Entpackt the ZIP file and opens the tool with a double click on pkeyuibx.exe.
2.Ein small Windows and a browser window opens. Windows-10 pro-32-64-bit-oem-product-key-download The latter is not needed and can be closed again.
3.Das program shows under the tab product key the detected Windows 10-license key on.
4.Über clicking on the small icon to the right of the key you copied it to the Clipboard.
Let 5.Optional show you the exact version of Windows under system information.

Alternatively, you can try out also the tool the ultimate PID checker that also displays Windows product keys.

Windows 10: Read product key is useless windows 10 product key not working

The Windows product key Viewer tool shows you while a key on Windows 10’s, this is only a generic product key, you will not need for a reinstallation of Windows 10. He can cause under certain circumstances even that no longer activate Windows 10 cheap windows 10 per keys if you type in during 10-setup Windows. This is due to the way, activated how remembers already enabled Windows-10 systems Microsoft and this automatically again during a new installation. Here read more: solution: Windows 10 can not activate or update.

How To View Your Product Key In Windows 10: Activation Keys Don’t Exist After Upgrading

How To View Your Product Key In Windows 10: Activation Keys Don’t Exist After Upgrading

For most people, Windows 10 is either a free upgrade, or it came on a new PC or laptop. If you’re ever asked for a product key – during a clean install for example – here’s what to do.

Microsoft appears to be doing away with product keys for Windows 10, Windows 10 Pro Product Key Buy and that’s a good thing. While some people will have to buy a copy of Windows 10 (which will come with a product key to activate) the vast majority of PCs won’t have – or need – one. It’s a welcome change, and one less thing to worry about.

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If you upgraded from Windows 7 or 8, Windows 10 will have activated automatically after connecting to Microsoft’s servers online. You didn’t need to enter a product key as you were entitled to Windows 10 by virtue of having a genuine consumer copy of Windows 7 or 8.

It’s only after doing an upgrade that you can wipe your hard drive and perform a fresh install, Find Windows 10 Pro Product Key 64 Bit and we explain step by step how to clean install Windows 10 here.

You don’t need a product key to clean install Windows 10

Since Microsoft has your computer’s ‘digital signature’ from the initial upgrade it recognises the combination of components when you do a clean install and automatically activates Windows. This means you can safely skip the screen which asks for a product key at the start of the installation process.

It’s just frustrating that there’s no message to tell you this: the screen is only for those installing a version of Windows 10 they’ve purchased and which therefore still requires a key.

Windows 10 should activate as long as you haven’t made any major changes to your PC. Upgrading from a hard disk to an SSD won’t affect anything, nor will changing your graphics card. However, upgrading your motherboard and processor will probably count as ‘significant’ and you’ll have to ring Microsoft’s support line if you find that Windows is no longer activated, or you’re reinstalling it.

How to find your Windows 10 product key after activation

If you’ve tried to extract the key using a utility such as Belarc Advisor or Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder, you might well think you have your key. But it’s just a generic key used for a particular build of Windows 10 rather than a key specific to your PC.

In short, then, if you upgraded to Windows 10 then it doesn’t have a product key, and you shouldn’t ever need one.
If you bought a PC, laptop or tablet running Windows 10 then it should have a sticker or Certificate of Authenticity which contains the product key, office home business 2016 or be included somewhere with the packaging or documentation that came with it.

However, this isn’t always the case. One reader told us that, according to HP, it does not put product key on laptops or PCs for security reasons. As with the digital entitlement, office 2016 technical preview download, the product key is stored “somewhere in the computer” and will activate automatically if needed. This will work even if the the hard drive fails.

He said that the product key was semi-visible on the System screen in Windows: most is redacted with only the last 5 of the digits shown.

If you’ve purchased a boxed copy of Windows 10, it will be on a label in the box.

If you bought a digital copy of Windows 10 online from Microsoft, you should have received the product key in an email.

How to check if Windows 10 is activated

You can right-click on the Start button and choose System from the menu that appears. Under Windows Activation, you should see “Windows is activated”.

Similarly, if you click on Settings on the Start Menu, then Update and Security you will see a section called Activation. Click or tap on that, Activate Windows 10 Pro Free Product Key 64 Bit, and you’ll see the edition your computer is running and the activation status.

Windows 10 Product Keys 2018 100% Working Serial Numbers for Free

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